Issue 1 - Oct 16 - Oct 23 2018

New Proposals

Decred Open Source Research - submitted Oct 16 by richard-red

This proposal aims to establish an open source research program for the Decred project. An initial budget of $10k was requested, with the idea being to submit another proposal for further funding within a few months if the initial results look good. The proposal was edited on October 22nd in response to requests for more detail about the selection of research subjects.

Change language: PoS Mining to PoS Voting, Stakepool to Voting Service Provider - submitted Oct 19 by richard-red

This proposal is about changing some of the terms used in relation to Decred’s Proof of Stake system, and also lists various community resources (sites and software) that will need to be updated in the event that it passes. The proposal also asks whether Politeia approval should be required for such decisions going forward.

Decred Contractor Clearance Process - submitted Oct 19 by jy-p

This proposal is about formalizing Decred’s process for approving new contributors to be paid for their work. A Decred Contractor Clearance (DCC) would be required for every person whose work is being charged to the Treasury. The process of granting and revoking DCCs requires the agreement of at least 3 established contributors in the relevant subdomain. Mechanisms for escalating issues to an all-contractor vote, and ultimately a stakeholder vote, were also described.

Testing of the funding-request mechanism by a non expert - submitted Oct 20 by hashfunction8

A test post got lost and found its way onto mainnet Politeia.

Two Communications Proposals

As explained by dustorf in the new Proposals channel, Wachsman and Ditto were invited to pitch proposals to the Decred community on Politeia - following a short-listing process and some initial discussions. Much of the discussion in the proposals channel thus far has concerned these two proposals.

Wachsman Communications Proposal for Decred - submitted Oct 19 by tomcurranlevett

Proposal for a range of professional communications support services, $20k/month for 6 months.

Ditto Communications Proposal for Decred - submitted Oct 22 by blainr

Proposal for a range of professional communications support services, $20k/month + $10k/month DCR equivalent for 6 months - with a 90-day out clause.

The range of services on offer by the two firms seem broadly similar, so I’m not going to describe them here.

It has been great to see thorough critiques of the proposals by community members, and representatives of both firms are now getting stuck in with thoughtful answers to the community’s questions and concerns. It should be interesting to see how these discussions develop and which of these firm’s proposals the Decred stakeholders approve, if either!

About this issue

This is the first issue of what is intended to be a weekly update on Politeia happenings. I plan to keep the description of these proposals fairly neutral, and focus 1) on temporal aspects which are difficult to track on the site at the moment and 2) links to relevant discussions that happened outside Politeia.

If you have thoughts on how this format could be developed or would like to contribute, join the Writers channel and let us know.

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