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Decred Blockchain Analysis - Part 1

First look at Decred on chain data

Introducing 'Peer Production on the Crypto Commons'

This post is about why I wrote “Peer Production on the Crypto Commons”, a free book type resource (website, ebook, pdf). …

The First Year of Decred's Politeia

Politeia has been live for one year now, and I have been reflecting on how it has gone in relation to what I was expecting and hoping …


Crypto Governance Research

Research on the governance of cryptocurrencies and blockchains

Pi Research

Analysis of Politeia data.

Politeia Decision Support

Research relating to Politeia decisions

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Decred Market Maker Monitoring - Phase 1 Wrap-Up

Analysis of the markets which i2 Trading have been making

Overview of 'staking' in a variety of projects

This post considers “staking”, the practice of using cryptographic coins or tokens to participate in some functional or …

Decred Market Maker Monitoring

Analysis of the markets which i2 Trading have been making

Market Maker proposal voting analysis

Analysis of how tickets voted on the 3 Market Maker proposals.