Governance Overviews

This project compiles a certain set of standard information about blockchain projects.

  • Answers to a set of standard questions about governance and funding (see below)
  • Record of significant events (for now, mostly copied from the Decred Journal Relevant External section)
  • Governance proposal voting data (where applicable), data-sets and analsyes.

Where does the governance happen?

Recording the places where governance activity is happening is one of the more important aspects of this resource. Where a blockchain aims to have decentralized governance with permissionless access, everyone who is interested should where they can observe and participate in this governance.

Blockchain Governance

  • Does the project have its own blockchain or is it a token on another chain? (many questions are not relevant for tokens)

  • What is the mechanism for ensuring consensus about the state of the blockchain?

Consensus mechanism label:

  • PoW
  • PoS
  • PoW/PoS Hybrid
  • DPoS
  • Byzantine Fault Tolerant
  • Liquid-PoS?
  • Master Nodes

  • Which entities interact with the blockchain? What role does each entity play? How are the “block producers” selected?

  • How are changes to the consensus rules implemented?

  • How were/are coins distributed? Was there an ICO? Is there inflation now? Is there a fixed supply?

  • Has the project been re-branded or re-named at any point?

Further reading

List good sources for further reading.


  • What is the reference node implementation? Any other full node implementations?

How is development funded?

  • Donations
  • ICO
  • Block reward
  • Foundation/company
  • Grants
  • Not public/known
How much or what proportion from each type of source?
How are funds managed?
  • Non-profit foundation
  • For-profit company
  • Community voting/DAO mechanism

What is the scope of funded work?

Proposals and Voting

If the project has formal governance processes, usually involving some form of voting, this resource should aim to provide an overview of that process. Important factors include what kind of decisions are being voted on, what the outcomes of the votes are (binding on chain or signalling?), and what participation and engagement rates are like.

Are there any significant projects which are related? For example, is this a fork of another project? Have other projects forked this one?

Significant Entities

If there are particularly significant entities engaged in the blockchain’s commons, make a note of them.


Type: profit/non-profit

Activity type: Investment, grant-making, product/service delivery

Managed how:

Founded when and by who

Size: Resources, Employees

Links to coins/chains other than the one in question

Significant Events

News type entries about significant events.