Politeia Digest

Issue 4 - Nov 7 - Nov 13 2018

Proposal open for voting Decred Contractor Clearance Process - updated Nov 13th by jy-p, voting started Nov 14th - 40 comments (+2) This proposal was updated to a second version and the start of voting was authorized late on Nov 13th, @jy-p commented: “I have updated this proposal with input from commenters, added bonuses for milestones, and added a list of initial contractors that can reasonably drive this work to completion.

Issue 3 - Oct 31 - Nov 6 2018

New Proposals Premium Listing for Decred on Easyrabbit - submitted Oct 30th by easyrabbit - 11 comments Easyrabbit has already listed DCR and is offering a “premium listing” for 30 DCR - with promotions like no/low trading fees and feature placement on the site and in social media. Comments point out that Decred has never paid for an exchange listing and generally express skepticism about this offer. Sweepstakes - submitted Nov 5th by geraldoneto - 8 comments

Issue 2 - Oct 23 - Oct 30 2018

There were no new proposals submitted this week. Over the past week, four proposals were authorized to start voting by their authors. The admins waited until an upgrade had been deployed, then opened voting for all of these proposals simultaneously on Oct 29th. jy-p confirmed that there is a quorum requirement of 20% tickets voting Yes/No in order for Politeia votes to be valid. For a proposal to pass it must achieve 60% Yes votes.

Issue 1 - Oct 16 - Oct 23 2018

New Proposals Decred Open Source Research - submitted Oct 16 by richard-red This proposal aims to establish an open source research program for the Decred project. An initial budget of $10k was requested, with the idea being to submit another proposal for further funding within a few months if the initial results look good. The proposal was edited on October 22nd in response to requests for more detail about the selection of research subjects.