Overview of 'staking' in a variety of projects

This post considers “staking”, the practice of using cryptographic coins or tokens to participate in some functional or …

Decred Market Maker Monitoring

Analysis of the markets which i2 Trading have been making

Market Maker proposal voting analysis

Analysis of how tickets voted on the 3 Market Maker proposals.

Order book depth analysis

Analysis of DCR market order book depth in comparison to other cryptoassets.

User data review 2019/07

A look at aggregated user activity data.

Do early votes influence proposal voting outcomes?

An initial exploration of temporal dynamics in ticket voting

Politeia Quorum Requirement Exploration

This piece considers how changing the way that the quorum requirement is defined for Politeia proposals would affect the outcomes of …

First look at Politeia comments and up/down votes

A first look at the data on Politeia comments and votes.