Issue 14 - Apr 1 - Apr 16 2019

Treasury balance: 612,256 DCR (approx +15,749 DCR/month) - $15 million (+$386k/month) based on $24.50 DCR price New proposals Decentralize Treasury Spending Published Apr 2 by moo31337 - 29 comments (+29) This proposal describes a way to decentralize control of Treasury spending by subjecting each month’s outgoings to a stakeholder approval vote. Each month, Politeia’s operators would process invoices from contractors to prepare a draft Treasury transaction for that month. Stakeholders would then vote on chain to approve or reject this transaction.

Issue 13 Mar 15 - Mar 31 2019

Treasury balance: 604,035 DCR (approx +15,749 DCR/month) - $12.2 million (+$318k/month) based on $20.20 DCR price New proposal Bring decred to Africa(Ghana) Adoption program for merchants and businesses Published Mar 20 by georgegro, last updated Mar 26 - 29 comments (+29) This proposal seeks $41,054 to fund 3 months of outreach for a merchant adoption program in Ghana. The activities specified in the proposal include representing Decred at events (with a focus on Universities), creating and maintaining Decred Ghana social media accounts, running merchant adoption workshops and incentivizing participation with a program of tips and referral bonuses for merchants, and a photo contest.

Do early votes influence proposal voting outcomes?

An initial exploration of temporal dynamics in ticket voting

Politeia Quorum Requirement Exploration

This piece considers how changing the way that the quorum requirement is defined for Politeia proposals would affect the outcomes of proposal votes.

Issue 12 Mar 1 - Mar 14 2019

Treasury balance: 608,755 DCR (approx +15,907 DCR/month) - $11.8 million (+$308k/month) based on $19.40 DCR price New proposals Trust Wallet - Integration with Decred Published Mar 5 by oregonisaac - 10 comments (+10). This proposal seeks funding to integrate DCR in Trust Wallet, a mobile wallet that allows users to store multiple cryptocurrencies. The proposal is submitted in draft form to solicit feedback which can be used to refine it before going to a vote.

Issue 11 - Feb 19 - Feb 28 2019

Treasury balance: 601,331 DCR (approx +16,065 DCR/month) - $10 million (+$268k/month) based on $16.70 DCR price Proposals open for voting New proposal: Website for the Decred community - published Feb 22 by karamble, last updated Feb 24 - voting started on Feb 25 - 58 comments (+58) Latest voting figures: 2,265 Yes votes, 2,734 No votes (45.3% Yes) - voter participation of 12.2%, support from 6% of tickets. This proposal seeks funding to further develop a prototype of a community hub website.

Issue 10 - Jan 1-Feb 18 2019

Treasury balance: 613,366 DCR (approx +16,226 DCR/month) - $10.9 million (+$288,823k/month) based on $17.80 DCR price New proposals RFP: Decred Decentralized Exchange Infrastructure - submitted Feb 3 by jy-p, published Feb 4 - 47 comments This proposal seeks to establish stakeholder support for building decentralized exchange infrastructure - “a new type of cryptocurrency-only decentralized exchange based on open source software that will allow cross-chain trading to occur directly between users, with minimal fees and a simple client-server architecture.

Issue 9 - Dec 12 -Dec 31 2018

Treasury balance: 597,063 DCR (approx +16,552 DCR/month) - $10.2 million (+$281k/month) based on $17 DCR price I decided to give Politeia Digest a rest over the holiday season as there was not much happening on the proposals site. For now it will be switching to a “weekly or whenever something interesting happens” model. This is a special year end edition which presents some stats and graphs about Politeia activity for (the last two months of) 2018.

Working for the Decred DAO

Working for the Decred DAO In 2018 I became a Decred contractor, and as the year draws to a close I’m planning to spend a higher proportion of my working time on the project next year. This post is about my experience of working on Decred, why I’m into it and how it works. Autonomy, and minimal administrative or management type experiences, are worth a lot to me. “Going to work” on/for Decred is contributing to one of the (varied and expanding) selection of sub-projects that are open.

Issue 8 - Dec 5 - Dec 11 2018

Proposals under discussion Decred Open Source Research proposal 2 - research projects - submitted Nov 21 by richard-red, appeared Nov 26th, edited Dec 11th - 40 comments (+15) There were 3 new top-level comments this week, Decred git/contributor analysis, Novel ways to increase network effect, and adversarial research. @richard-red updated the proposal on Dec 11 to list 3 initial projects being worked on (Pi Research, Decred git/contributor Analysis, Decred Media Performance), and noted that there are several further strong and well-supported ideas which could start work if they were better operationalized.

Issue 8 - 7 - Nov 28 -Dec 4 2018

New Proposals Decred Radio Advertising, 190+ FM and AM Stations, + Intl. Satellite - submitted Nov 26 by ftl_ian, approved Nov 28, voting opened Dec 4 - 25 comments This is a proposal by Ian Freeman, one of the hosts of Free Talk Live, for Decred to sponsor the show. The proposer asks for $22,750 for 13 weeks of sponsorship, for which Decred would get a live promotion, 30 second radio ad each day and some banners.

Issue 6 - Nov 21 - Nov 27 2018

New Proposal Decred Open Source Research proposal 2 - research projects - submitted Nov 21 by richard-red, approved Nov 26th - 7 comments This proposal is being used to host discussion on research projects and ideas for the program, and the body of the proposal will be used to list the projects that are open for contributions. All Politeia users are welcome to ask questions about proposed research projects and share their own question/project ideas.

Issue 5 - Nov 14 - Nov 20 2018

Proposal open for voting Premium Listing for Decred on Easyrabbit - submitted Oct 30th by easyrabbit, voting started Nov 16th - 14 comments (+3) New comments observe that the proposal owner has yet to reply to any comments on the proposal, but did authorize the start of voting. Recap: Easyrabbit has already listed DCR and is offering a “premium listing” for 30 DCR - with promotions like no/low trading fees and feature placement on the site and in social media.

First look at Politeia comments and up/down votes

A first look at the data on Politeia comments and votes.

Issue 4 - Nov 7 - Nov 13 2018

Proposal open for voting Decred Contractor Clearance Process - updated Nov 13th by jy-p, voting started Nov 14th - 40 comments (+2) This proposal was updated to a second version and the start of voting was authorized late on Nov 13th, @jy-p commented: “I have updated this proposal with input from commenters, added bonuses for milestones, and added a list of initial contractors that can reasonably drive this work to completion.

Issue 3 - Oct 31 - Nov 6 2018

New Proposals Premium Listing for Decred on Easyrabbit - submitted Oct 30th by easyrabbit - 11 comments Easyrabbit has already listed DCR and is offering a “premium listing” for 30 DCR - with promotions like no/low trading fees and feature placement on the site and in social media. Comments point out that Decred has never paid for an exchange listing and generally express skepticism about this offer. Sweepstakes - submitted Nov 5th by geraldoneto - 8 comments

Issue 2 - Oct 23 - Oct 30 2018

There were no new proposals submitted this week. Over the past week, four proposals were authorized to start voting by their authors. The admins waited until an upgrade had been deployed, then opened voting for all of these proposals simultaneously on Oct 29th. jy-p confirmed that there is a quorum requirement of 20% tickets voting Yes/No in order for Politeia votes to be valid. For a proposal to pass it must achieve 60% Yes votes.

Issue 1 - Oct 16 - Oct 23 2018

New Proposals Decred Open Source Research - submitted Oct 16 by richard-red This proposal aims to establish an open source research program for the Decred project. An initial budget of $10k was requested, with the idea being to submit another proposal for further funding within a few months if the initial results look good. The proposal was edited on October 22nd in response to requests for more detail about the selection of research subjects.

On the Launch of Decred's Politeia

The launch of Politeia marks a significant step in Decred’s development, expanding stakeholder governance beyond its core function of adopting or rejecting changes to the consensus rules, and equipping stakeholders with a means of making other kinds of decisions. These decisions can be as fundamental as extending or refining the project’s very purpose. Ticket-voting stakeholders are about to assume full control of the project’s direction. Some sort of amendment to the Decred constitution is highly likely, and proposals for a number of other high-level policies have been discussed.

Decentralized Autonomous Funding of Blockchain Projects

This post considers the funding of blockchain projects through treasuries owned and operated by stakeholders. Specifically, it re-visits the Dash Treasury DAO and its support services, and considers what Decred can learn from this example ahead of the upcoming launch of Politeia. It also sets out some broad differences between the approaches of Dash and Decred, and considers how autonomous funding fits with commons based peer production. How are cryptocurrency projects funded?

Governance of the Decred project subsidy through Politeia

Governance of the Decred project subsidy through Politeia I’ve recently taken an interest in cryptocurrency projects that are attempting to decentralize various aspects of their governance. Decred is interesting in this regard because it aims to decentralize decision-making about both: the adoption of consensus changes that require hard forks the spending of a project subsidy (10% of the block reward) Decred Governance Basics Decred combines Proof of Work (PoW, 60% of block reward) with Proof of Stake (PoS: 30% of block reward) to secure the network, with the remaining 10% of the block reward going into a project subsidy wallet to fund development of the project.